How to Stay Positive

think positive

You may often hear the phrase “positive thinking”. Well, people say easily, write articles about the use of positive thinking and inspire people to live positively. Is it so easy as they claim? Does any person quickly change the way of thinking?

Actually not! There are so many factors that influence our behavior and thoughts, that sometimes positive attitude is just unreal. Nevertheless, on we found and described the smartest ways to stay positive even in very difficult situations! As successful people say: celebrate yourself and be positive! Let’s start!

Celebrate Yourself and Be Positive!

If a person decides to wait for the right moment while life circumstances allow him/her to think positively, then it may be that the whole life will pass in expectation. Every day necessarily includes good and bad. The world as a whole and someone’s certain life is full of moments that can justify both an irritable and pessimistic and joyful your mind. Being an optimist or a pessimist is not an innate quality, but a conscious choice.

When a person deliberately focuses on the positive aspects of life, he/she not only instantly smooth out the current inconvenience, but also creates a certain positive basis for the future.

Memorized moments of happiness and victories, even if insignificant, can provide significant support and inspiration during difficult periods.

The American scientist and inventor Elmer Gates wrote that a person who strives for self-improvement should mentally recreate the sense of being needed by people and kindness. In ordinary life, a person rarely experiences such feelings, however, such emotions can significantly change a person for the better in a month.


think positive


The Habit of Positive Thinking

Habits of a person always correspond to his personality. As soon as habits change, man himself changes. And in the literal sense, the habit is the clothing in which our personality is clothed. However, they are not given to us at birth or by chance.

A person has those habits that are comfortable for him and correspond to his personal qualities. If a person forms new rules of behavior and skills, then old habits are immediately dropped and new ones put on. Here we present several facts about positive thinking and habits:

  1.   You should not confuse a habit with a pernicious addiction, it is not the same thing, and to think that it is impossible to get rid of it is rather naive. Habit is just a way to respond, automatic, without thinking and deliberate decisions. About 95% of human emotions and reactions are formed habits.
  2.   Habit can be changed, converted and completely changed to the opposite. This requires only a conscious decision and subsequent regular practice. A musician can deliberately hit another key, a dancer can consciously do another move, and there’s nothing strange about it. However, in order for the habit to become automatic, it needs to be trained every day and constantly bend yourself in the event of a resumption of the previous behavior.

And these are just some of the ways to inject positivity into your daily routine.

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