Top 5 Posts for October 2016

Every month we will be bringing you the most popular posts of the month. These posts weren’t necessarily written last month, but they were heavily viewed and we want everyone else to get a chance to see them also!


Here are the top 5 posts for October 2016



#5  Guess the 50 movie names from Emoticons and smileys

Put your emoticon knowledge to the test! Try to translate 50 emoji-only movie titles. See how many you can get before scrolling to the bottom for the key.


#4 13 Unexplained mysterious photos

These 13 photos will all make you say “huh?” But they have never been officially or credibly explained. See them for yourself and draw your own conclusions.


#3  Injecting Synthol Gone Wrong

Synthol is a multi-use product, used as a mounthwash, a tonic, and even as a muscle pain reliever. Its most well-known use however is as an injection for body builders to increase the apparent size of their muscles. Unfortunately, prolonged use can lead to some very deformed muscle shapes.


#2  12 interesting facts about tourism

If you love to travel or maybe just dream about the possibility, check out these fun facts about tourism all over the world.


#1 Funniest last words of famous people

These celebrities from around the world had their last words immortalized, and they were pretty fantastic. No groveling here!

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