Beautiful Tiny Paintings On Random Everyday Objects

To most people these items are just normal everyday objects, but to this Turkish artist, they’re a blank canvas.

Hasan Kale, a well known micro-artist, involved in painting since his early childhood, began his career by drawing miniatures in Istanbul. Artist uses his miniature drawing talent for his paintings, tries to interpret miniature art with a contemporary eye. He paints on things we see,  exposed or ignored in our daily lives like a rice, a nail, a silk cacoon, a needle, a buttterfly wing. Hasan Kale considers these micro-works as a turning point for his career.

“Things we usually see can turn into something invisible” he says and tries to call attention to that notion.


Besides micro-paintings, it is possible to observe miniature drawing techniques’ tracks in his bigger canvases. In the paintings, he creates imageries with a miniature genre. The artist claims the essence of the aesthetics in art, with a detail-oriented look. His use of light reveals the romantic attempts of his art view. As a point of view, he feels more close to neo-classic and neo-orientalist art movements.


Hasan Kale joined in lots of art projects, interested in other designing areas & options. He has involved in jewellery design, prepared collections (Sur-i Sultani, Black and White, Esinlenmeler)  for well-known Turkish brands.

Kale, by drawing onto micro objects, opens a new  a perspective, tries to build up a new language in the art world. He is also showing effort to transfer his knowledge to new generations through  seminars and conferences in universities and proliferate in micro art by adding new objects to old ones.

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