Japan Has A Museum Of Rocks That Look Like Faces

If you ever visit Tokyo, consider going two hours northwest into the town of Chichibu, where you can experience one of the quirkiest museums ever. What makes it so quirky? It’s its former owner who spent over fifty years collecting rocks that resemble human faces!

From the face of Jesus (how did they get that right?) to Elvis Presley, the Chinsekikan museum (The Hall of Curious Rocks) features a vast collection of 1700 rocks, 900 of which are these face rocks. The coolest bit, though, has to be the creative associations to celebrities, politicians like Boris Yeltsin or even video game characters like Donkey Kong.

Since museum curator’s passing in 2010, his daughter is now in charge of the place and she intends to keep it as it is. Which is awesome news for those of us who are still looking for that lost twin brother separated from us after birth. I’m coming for you, buddy!

For more please visit Chinsekikan

via boredpanda.com

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