Lucky Iron Fish: A Simple Solution For a Global Problem


The Problem:

In Cambodia, much of the population lives on a diet of fish and rice and so suffers from iron deficiency, leading to anemia and other serious health conditions. The simple solution is to cook a small piece of iron in the same pot with a meal for 10 minutes, providing 75% of the iron a family needs. The dilemma was that people were happy to use the iron slab as a doorstop but wouldn’t toss it into the cooking pot.

The Solution:

Fashion the small piece of iron into the shape of a fish, a cultural symbol of hope and good fortune in Cambodia.

lucky-iron-fish-3 lucky-iron-fish-4

Initial Results:

After nine months of trials and tests, a 55% drop in iron deficiency was recorded. Additionally, the project is sustainable, featuring recyclable materials and adding jobs in the local community to package the iron fish.


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