The New Age: Technological Devices for the Modern Home

If you want to sell your home in 2017, you will need to do more than simply list it on the market. While reports of a sellers’ market may make your think otherwise, you cannot rely on a lack of housing supply indefinitely to help you execute a quick and profitable sale. As prices continue to rise, we will see a higher volume of houses enter the market and the competition to meet this demand will rise considerably.  So even if you have agreed a quick house sale with Atlas Home Group or a similar provider, it is still crucial that you create a functional and appealing abode.

Driven by Technology: What devices should you have in your home in 2017?

When it comes to modernizing your home and optimizing its appeal, it is imperative that you embrace technology. There are a number of hi-tech devices that add value and functionality to the modern living space, including some of the following examples:

The Nest Labs Thermostat


Let’s face facts: many of these devices revolve around smart technology and energy-efficiency. One of the most prominent is the Nest Labs Thermostat, which is a Wi-Fi and sensor enabled device that is poised to become a household name in the UK. This became the case after the product and underpinning technology was acquired by Google in January, in a bid to make this a feature of all modern interiors. It is compatible with almost all HVAC systems, while it has settings that enable you to list your optimal temperatures in each room. It will also be prices at $250 (£150), while it will offer genuine savings to home-owners.

The Wink Smart Home Hub


At just $49.99, this device offers arguably the best value since Google’s Chromecast. Compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Home Depot’s Wink Hub supplies every conceivable smart home wireless connection and powers multiple devices simultaneously. An energy-efficient and functional home eco-system, this device is unique in the market in that it is compatible even with devices that do not relay on the hub to function. If you are a gadget fan and keen to create an energy-efficient property that appeal to buyers, this is must-have product.

The Kwikset Kevo Powered by UniKey


The ultimate smart lock, this device can be unlocked easily with the mere touch of a finger. the assignment of virtual keys, which provides optimal security within a lock that appears visually normal. Operated via a smartphone app, users can also use this device to monitor ins and outs and how many times the device is activated on a daily basis. One of those who are extremely security conscious, this device will make buyers feel comfortable while also creating a viable and fascinating talking point during viewings.

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