Brave & Beautiful Makeover Project

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”- that is the sentence which inspired the Brave and Beautiful Makeover Project.

On 22nd of March we asked four incredible women to share their personal stories regarding their individual battles with cancer. Currently two of the women are hopeful of remission with the other two still struggling to contain the disease. They opened their hearts to us and shared insights on their diagnosis, unveiling details of their emotional struggle with cancer.

Cancer and cancer treatment can cause physical changes to the way cancer patients look and, as a result, feel about their bodies. It specially affects women who cannot cope with a changes that appeared due to the mastectomy, hair loss or weight gain.
We could see their incredible beauty, but in their eyes was a different view. Therefore we decided to show and prove to those brave women how beautiful they are and let other cancer patients see that an attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

On April the 7th we invited them to participate in unique makeover experience.¬†Our beautiful models haven’t seen themselves for the whole time of the makeover. In this video you can see their first reactions, after they have seen themselves in the mirror. You can see the smiles, happiness, tears and untroubled faces.

We will cherish these memories forever.

Their beauty and bravery is inspiring.

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