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Leonardo da Vinci Machines In Motion

Models of Machines invented by Leonardo da Vinci. All models are made from scratch. No computer graphics is used while videos creating. For more info please visit veproject1.org

Hyperloop Designed To Connect Abu Dhabi And Dubai

BIG teaser video reveals Hyperloop One design, connecting Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In this video from BIG, Jakob Lange explains how its plans for a Hyperloop high-speed transportation system will efect how people live. “This is...

Levitating Cloud Speaker

This little piece of magic, called Making Weather, puts a spin on the quantum levitation speakers we’ve been seeing in the past year. Making Weather isn’t really a levitating speaker as much as it’s...

Unbelievable Solar Powered Creations

7 Unbelievable Solar Powered Creations

With environmental issues and solar-powered innovation at the forefrontof everyone’s mind these days, countries across the world are vying forthe title of the “biggest and the best” creations. Check out some of them.