Self-Driving Truck Makes an Important Delivery!

We have all heard of Google’s self-driving cars, but have you heard of self-driving trucks? The well known car service Uber teamed up with Anheuser-Bush to make a very important delivery, in a truck with no driver.


Uber aquired Otto this July, a startup company that has pioneered driverless trucks. The driverless startup has created a kit that would allow large delivery trucks to steer themselves on long stretches of highway, allowing drivers to relax or even take a nap. Otto has been battling head-to-head with the Google self-driving cars and its purchase by Uber is the next step in seeing more Otto self-driving cars on the road. Uber even unleashed a self-driving fleet of car service vehicles in Pittsburg and its current user base had the option of selecting a self-driving car to take them to their destination.


The self-driving truck, powered by Otto’s technology, drove for 120 miles along the Colorado 1-25. The truck started in Fort Collins and delivered 2000 cases of Budweiser in Colorado Springs. The driver hung out in the sleeper cab, overseeing the operation but doing absolutely no driving.


The drive may have been largely a stunt, but will allow for Uber and Otto to take on more pilot programs in testing their self-driving cars through a variety of different driving conditions.

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