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Just Released New HD Footage of Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump – It’s Insane

October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner ascended more than 24 miles above Earth’s surface to the edge of space in a stratospheric balloon. Millions across the globe watched as he opened the door of the capsule, stepped off the platform, and broke the speed of sound while free falling safely back to Earth. Felix set three world records that day—and inspired us all to reach beyond the limits of our own realities, and reimagine our potential to achieve the incredible.

New Stunning Photos From the Surface of Mars (9 pictures)

It’s been over 10 years since the Spirt & Opportunity Rovers have touched down on Mars and in that span have exceeded exploration expectations of traveling 2/3 of a mile during a primary mission of 90 Martian days. The Smithsonian has taken 50 of the best photos from the extensive mission catalogue and will be on display in honor of the 10 Year Anniversary.

Earth 100 Million Years From Now

This video shows how today’s continents are thought to have evolved over the last 600 million years, and where they’ll end up in the next 100 million years.

The Mysterious “Space Roar”

We here at SciShow like to start things off with a “Boom” for yet another season! Hank talks about the mystery behind the “Space Roar” and why it is we can’t really hear it.

Why is the Solar System Flat?

Have you ever wondered why our solar system and other large galactic ‘objects’ tend to favor a ‘flat layout’ as opposed to other types of configurations or shapes? Watch this video and discover the answer.