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Aliens in our atmosphere?

A team of British scientists led by Professor Milton Wainwright from Sheffield University have found what they believe to be an alien organism arriving from space in the stratosphere. They claim to have found a microscopic titanium sphere containing biological matter the likes of which have never been seen on Earth. But with only one sample collected and no DNA testing possible on it, the scientific community at large are sceptical.

Once upon a time…

…a spacecraft named Rosetta was launched into the sky to uncover mysteries of our Solar System. A long journey lay ahead…

10 Fascinating Things About Science and History Mankind Learned In 2013

There comes a time when the sciences and history merge to form this amalgamated field of sheer discovery. Well, there were several times during the course of 2013–now in its twilight days—that the historical and scientific fusion of pure epicness re-wrote humankinds understanding of Earth, and its planetary peers that occupy the heavens.