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Weird Facts About Human Evolution

We’ve gone from living in cages to living on YouTube in just a few millennia. Evolution isn’t strange for us, but there are still couple of facts we don’t know about.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Some reports about the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” would lead you to believe that this marine mass of plastic is bigger than Texas. No worries, it’s not. However, the ‘patch’ extends over an indeterminate area, with...

Cell VS Virus: A Battle For Health

This simple and straightforward lecture will introduce you to our self-defense mechanisms, so you will have an idea what happens right after someone sneezes on you in a bus.

Collection Of Fascinating Photos

Random compilation of everything that is interesting but not necessarily pretty. From conjoined almost-twins to Mike Tyson partying wild in the 80’s: things you probably haven’t seen but always wanted to.