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National Geographic On Instagram

National Geographic has it’s own official profile there and it’s just amazing. Here are just some of their best pictures, but we strongly encourage you to check out the rest and follow them. Beautiful!

The most extreme hike in the Tatra Mountains in 7 minutes

Orla Perć (Eagle’s Path) is a tourist path in the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland. It is considered the most difficult and dangerous public path in the entire Tatras and is therefore a suitable destination only for experienced tourists and climbers.

Adorable Animal Friendships

Companionships between animals from two different species are most often observed in cartoons or family comedies.  However, it turns out it’s not unrealistic after all. All the animals below were going through the rough...

There Was No First Human

We can’t exactly point a moment when one species becomes another. Evolution just happens like a movie. If you traced your family tree back 185 million generations, you wouldn’t be looking at a human, a primate, or even a mammal.