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Dr Zbigniew Religa after a heart-transplantation (2 pictures)

1987. Heart surgeon Dr. Zbigniew Religa keeps watch on a monitor tracking the vital signs of a heart-transplant patient. One of Religa’s colleagues who helped him perform two transplants in an all-night session rests in the corner. In 1987 James Stanfield’s photo of Zbigniew Religa was proclaimed a photo of the year in National Geographic.

How not to brush your teeth

Demanding consistent cleaning and flossing, teeth are the first thing we think about in the morning and the last thing we see in the mirror at night. We buy expensive electric brushes, pastes, floss and even bleaching strips for our chompers. We teach our kids to brush them twice a day, or after meals and we give them pointers on how to brush them. But do we even know the correct way to brush our own teeth? At least we aren’t using urine to bleach them anymore.