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That’s How You Do Ambient Ads!

Good advertising reaches out to people and doesn’t leave them annoyed. Luckily there is something like ambient: ads crossed with street and sometimes even performance art.

Sculpting Taken To Another Level: Maskull Lasserre

Amazing and terrifying at the same time, Lasserre’s art is detail oriented and surprising. This canadian artist can change any everyday use appliance into piece of art. Skulls, bones and skeletones are main topic of his work. However, he does it in such a way it isn’t even close to repulsing.

All That Is Inspiring: For Your Viewing Pleasure Only

Art takes so many forms it’s hard to distinguish what’s what. Just to make it easier and not waste any more time, let’s agree that art is everything, everywhere and in everyone. These photos are random and different from one another, and they surely prove this point.

How To Get Rid Off Unwanted Tattoo?

It’s a quite common problem: embarrasing doodles cover your body because you were young and too stupid to even sober up before having it done. So how should you deal with it? Just get another one!