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1000-Piece CMYK Color Gamut Puzzle By Clemens Habicht

You’d think that everything that could be done with jigsaw puzzles has already been done, but artist and designer Clemens Habicht proves you are wrong. His 1000 colours puzzle follows a CMYK color gamut (method by which printers achieve their colors).

This is what I want for Christmas.

40 Impressively Weird Soap Designs

Soap is important! We need it to keep our bodies clean, wash the grime of subway poles off our hands and stuff into our kid’s mouths when they curse. But, it all sounds kind of boring. Perhaps it’s why so many people have begun making their own soaps in a variety of fun and unique shapes. Here are 40 weird and awesome soap designs.

Hilariously Offensive Cakes

Sarah Brockett is helping people express themselves through her baked goods. She makes the perfect treats for cheating husbands, lying friends and people who are just great at being jerks. Don’t just tell someone off, do it with a cake.

Satiric Illustrations Of Today’s Problems Drawn In The Vintage Style

John Holcrofts style is based on the 50’s advertisements and “bad print” characteristic texture that completes the effect. Nonetheless, the content of these illustrations is anything but old-fashioned – social issues and people’s behavior are drawn in a satiric way. Our dependence on technology, society’s greed or devaluation of workers are some of the issues Holcroft likes to show.

Amazing Stuffed Toys Based On Children’s Imagination

Imagine how you might feel if your wildest and most wonderful fantasies were brought to life. That’s probably how a child would feel if their drawings of strange and wondrous characters were turned into real-life plush toys, which is exactly what Budsies does.