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10 mind-blowing Red Hot Nickel Ball Videos

Nickel is a chemical element — atomic number 28 — that is thought to be one of the main constituents of the Earth’s core. It has a melting point of 2651° F. This corrosion-resistant metal is also the star of one of the coolest YouTube video series we’ve ever come across — Red Hot Nickel Ball from Carsandwater.

Amazing Chemical Reactions (19 gifs)

The molecular materials of our daily lives are so predictable that we often forget how some truly strange stuff can happen with basic elements. Even within our own bodies, chemical reactions occur that seem like magic. Here are 20 of the most mesmerizing and fascinating GIFs of the bizarre workings of the chemical world.

From DNA to Silly Putty, the diverse world of polymers

You are made of polymers, and so are trees and telephones and toys. A polymer is a long chain of identical molecules (or monomers) with a range of useful properties, like toughness or stretchiness — and it turns out, we just can’t live without them. Polymers occur both naturally — our DNA is a polymer — and synthetically, like plastic, Silly Putty and styrofoam. Jan Mattingly explains how polymers have changed our world.

Nuclear Chemistry (2 videos)

In this episode you’ll gain some knowledge about Nuclear Chemistry. Nuclear chemistry is the subfield of chemistry dealing with radioactivity, nuclear processes and nuclear properties.

The History of Atomic Chemistry

How did we get here? Well, in terms of Atomic Chemistry, Hank takes us on a tour of the folks that were part of the long chain of other folks who helped us get to these deeper understandings of the world. From Leucippus to Heisenberg to you – yes, YOU – the story of Atomic Chemistry is all wibbly-wobbly… and amazing.