How William Shakespeare Impacted the World

Influence is one’s ability to affect persons or events based on a factor. On the topic of literature, It is widely known that William Shakespeare was able to do this through his works. These include his various plays, poems and skillful acting.

William Shakespeare was a famous English Poet, Actor and Playwright whose tremendous impact can never be overemphasized. Shakespeare is famously honoured by a painting at the National Portrait Gallery, London, and Chandos portrait by John Taylor. Although his works began to make marks years after he passed, they are enough to tell the kind of writer he is, and why he is considered one of the greatest of all time, if not the greatest.


Impact on Literature 

His major influence had begun with his literary works which then went further to impact literature in general, so much that today, literature cannot be discussed without the mention of Shakespeare. An example of this is seen the Othello character analysis essay drawn from the Merchant of Venice. Shakespeare mixed tragedy beyond what is expected in the art of storytelling, which caused a great revolution in writing style, literary technique and genres.

Beside Othello essay examples, it is widely known that not only was Shakespeare quoted by Charles Dickens, Maya Angelou and Herman Melville― who were writers in the eighteenth century but also scholars estimated his writing to match those of the modern day. Till this day, western literature cannot be appreciated without the mention of Shakespeare. 

We also can not put aside his compelling poems. He brought about the regularity of tragicomedy in England. It is recorded that the last admired plays he wrote were considered romantic tragedy genre and because of this, romantic tragedy in literature became quite popular. His romance genre which is seen in Shakespeare’s Othello, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, amongst others and they were among the most popular. 

To further stress his impact in English literature, his sonnets created a new light on the style of poems, so much that it became a special topic of study under poetry. Although William was not the first person or the second to write a sonnet, his poems swept people away and created an entirely new style that was not only appreciated for its peculiarity at that time but also used worldwide today as a reference and as a guide in poetry. Shakespeare’s words are considered classics that can never be buried, rather, they influence revolution, change and a future yet unknown.



Impact on Theatre

Furthermore, his plays, which have been acted out over the years, have brought about a change in English theatre. Shakespeare often creates characters that could not only be seen as characters but could also be seen in the people who read and watch it being acted out on stage. His plays were known to not only have a plot but a subplot as well, which shed light on the minor characters. For example, his work, A Midnight Summer’s dream, which had multiple subplots that surrounded one marriage. That of the lead characters, Theseus and Hippolyta. 

The way in which he connected other lives to that of just two people was simply terrific if it can be put into words. Also, his longest play, (now a free essay on hamlet), has made quite the stepping stone for protagonists who end up being the villain in their own stories. Pulled down by their own faults. 

The other play served in-depth build in characterization, exploring themes such as revenge, love, betrayal and more. The play’s wonderful connection between contradicting themes has made it vastly admired, and for that, it has gone on to influence great plays such as; Henry V, John Milton’s Paradise Lost (1666), king lear, David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, L. Frank Baum’s They Played With Hamlet, which had the story told from the point of view of the ghost, as well as many more, all drew inspiration from the play Hamlet.



Impact on Society

In discussing Shakespeare and his influence in society cannot be exempted. The subject matter of his writing is often related to real-life happenings, such that it serves as a reference to real situations.

On many occasions, the reference to Romeo and Juliet―a west side story,  has been made to many love stories or many lovers. In recent days, a doomed relationship or one which is to fight through chaos and blockage is often called a Romeo and Juliet kind of love. Even music has been influenced by this. Many singers now attribute their deep affection by referring to themselves as Romeo/Juliet, and their partner, as either of the two as well. 

His work is held at high standards for its themes, which often reflect on our lives and the vices that humans face within themselves. These themes have influenced life choices, human thoughts and emotions such as the need for vengeance, anger, jealousy or betrayal. These are basic human thoughts and in reading the outcome of letting these feelings overshadow more important things in one’s life, like in Shakespeare’s hamlet essay examples, one would likely reconsider such thoughts and keep them at bay.

Impact on Language 

More so, Shakespeare was noted for his large input in modern English Language. When Shakespeare began writing, English was still coming to life, developing from wars, exploration, migration and so many more. Shakespeare was said to have come about so many words and phrases. In fact, words from Shakespeare’s greatest plays have become known to the globe and have contributed highly to the English language. 

Most idioms, exclamations and expressive words, were coined by Shakespeare. Examples of idioms include: Set your teeth on edge, Too much of a good tiding, seen better days, sorry sight etc. Words such as swagger, sanctimonious, amongst others. Common expressive phrases as well such as Love is blind, Vanish into thin air, Fight fire with Fire and many others. Shakespeare is widely credited for helping in the structuring of English language which had helped to create grammatical rules and make it more expressive and in line.

In the light of all this, it can be said that his impact is of high significance and has run far and wide, so much that it not only stayed within his source of influence, literature, but has gone on to make an impact on so much more, art, theatre, romance languages, and the world at large. With all this, It can be concluded that Shakespeare can never be forgotten. As his influence has and is surpassing age and generations to come.