Most-searched Renewable Energy Sources In India And How They Stack Up

Renewable sources of energy are the need of the hour. All our natural resources are depleting fast and are not expected to last long. We need to look for other green sources as soon as possible. India has taken a step forward in this sector since it is a developing nation, and the energy demands are exceptionally high according to a study recently conducted by Betway

Consequently, even people are interested to learn more about these energy sources. Here, the most searched for renewable energy sources in India have been listed, and their details have been added.

Solar energy

This is the most widely searched renewable energy source in India. Around 60,500 people searched for it per month. It is also a quickly developing industry in our nation. At the end of 2019, solar energy produced around 33.70 GigaWatts. 

We also boast of the lowest capital cost per MegaWatt globally. However, there is an enormous potential left to develop this source in India. 

Geothermal energy

Around 27,100 people searched for this form of energy. It is the second most sought-after renewable source of energy in India. Geothermal energy is the energy that is stored and generated in the earth. 

Types of geothermal energy resources are Hydrothermal, Geopressured brines, Hot dry rocks, and Magma. It is, at present, being used for the generation of electricity and thermal energy requirements.

Wind energy

27,100 people search the term “wind energy” in a single month. This makes it the third most sought-after renewable source of energy in India. This sector has seen phenomenal growth in recent years. India managed to produce 37.505 GigaWatts of energy, making it the world’s fourth-largest installed wind power capacity in the world. The country is also reducing wind power costs day by day. 

This journey started in December 1952 with the guidance of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Now, around ten percent of the electricity generation is by wind power.  

Tidal energy

There were 14,800 searches for tidal energy per month in India. This made it the fourth most searched renewable energy source in India. It is a form of hydropower energy. This sector has substantial potential to grow, with India being a coastal country.  

Tides are formed when there is a periodic shift or movement of large quantities of water, which happens because of the sun and moon’s gravitational pull. There are two types of tidal energy generation, namely Tidal Barrage and Tidal stream generator. 

Biomass energy

Biomass energy is a trendy choice, with 6,600 searches per month. This makes it the fifth most-searched renewable energy source in India. This is a prevalent alternative in villages where a lot of biomass is generated.

The state also tries to promote the use of this renewable source by providing various schemes and subsidies.

India is a young nation with growing needs. Its future is very bright if it utilizes renewable sources efficiently. We have ample potential to develop these energies. For viewing this information in a more exciting form, refer to the infographic attached.