A guide to casino bonuses

Bonus. We guarantee that just reading the word raises the eyebrows and puts a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bonus at work, while doing your weekly shop or from one of your personal subscriptions – maybe even a casino bonus from Paddy Power, for example. We all love an incentive or to receive something for nothing! 

Casino bonuses are great because they target everyone, whether you’re a new player starting out, or an experienced and loyal customer. Many people are likely to choose their favourite online casino based on the special offers and bonuses that can be received – but there are so many, newbies could feel overwhelmed. So, here’s our guide to casino bonuses. 

Promotions page: if you’re looking for a cheeky bonus or the latest offers, be sure to make the casino’s promotions page your first port of call. It will regularly be updated to list their most recent promotions, the eligible games they apply to and the all-important terms and conditions. These could include a variety of bonuses, including new player perks, free spins or cashback – make sure you find the ones that are applicable to you.

Deposit bonus: as the name suggests, receive a bonus when you deposit funds into your account. Whatever you choose to deposit will multiply, so of course the more you spend, the more you get back. For example, if you deposit £10 and the casino is offering a 100% bonus, you’ll receive £10 back, doubling your funds and giving you more to play with.

No-deposit bonus: these are the bonuses that we all love, especially new players as it gives them the opportunity to try before they buy. It may not be the most lucrative offer in comparison to some of the others that are available, but it’s a great way of seeing which games are right for you or finding ones that are in-line with your interests. Online casinos have hundreds of games and sometimes the hardest part is choosing which one to play first!

Free spins: if Slots are your thing, you’ll love a free spins bonus – which is exactly what it says on the tin. The casino will give you a number of free spins to use on selected Slots games, giving you the opportunity to play for free – and bonus, whatever you win while using those free spins will be all yours, no questions asked!

Cash bonus: it might sound too good to be true, but a cash bonus is exactly that. You may log into your account and find that the casino has boosted your balance with some additional funds. You’ll be able to use this how and when you like, but you’ll need to meet certain requirements before withdrawing that money.

Cashback bonus: consider this bonus a mere consolation prize – but it’s still one worth having. A cashback bonus will pay back a percentage of your weekly losses to ensure you’re not totally out of pocket. For example, if the offer is 10% cashback, you’ll receive an additional 10% of consolation cash in your account. You usually need to use it or lose it within the next seven days, but it still gives you more to play with.

Jackpot bonus: some games offer the chance to win mega money – and that’s because they are part of a network of games offering a progressive jackpot. This is a jackpot that keeps increasing every time money is wagered on it, building up to the point that one lucky person wins – and then the jackpot starts at the minimum and builds up again. You don’t need to do anything special to play jackpot games. Just play the ones it’s applicable to as normal and who knows, fortune may favor you.