Picasa: The Best Editing Tool for Your Photos

Remove red eyes from photos, crop photos, increase brightness, contrast, adjust… That is what any image editor does. But how would you like to add “stickers” to your photos, flags, drawings, change the color temperature, blur them, pass them through dozens of filters, organize a collage, build a poster… all with the same program that also helps you prepare videos and order your photos? Picasa would be the best answer.

Picasa gets its name from the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso; it also comes from the phrase “Mi Casa” which means My Home and is combined with “Pic” for Pictures. It was founded by Lifescape company in 2002, which on a later note in 2014 was bought by Google, who gave out the software as a freeware.



What is Picasa?

It is a photo editing and viewing application that was devised to help you have all the images that are important to you at your fingertips rather than having to go back to albums and searching for that particular image or vacation that you had taken. Nowadays, it isn’t enough to just view pictures, editing them is just as important, which is why Picasa lets you do that efficiently. If to talk about Picasa latest version, it helps you have a backup online, which you are able to view from anywhere around the world and you are able to download the images if you need to. Once taken up by Google, it made Picasa like all its other applications i.e. user friendly and efficient which helps even someone without technical savvy to use the app without any trouble.

Picasa Editing Made Easy

Picasa provides you with various tools to edit a single picture or you are able to  edit multiple images simultaneously. These edit options vary from basic fixes to making changes in the size of the picture to adding a watermark on the uploaded pictures. The application has various easy ways to access these options.

You need not be a tech guru to operate Picasa and getting the desired result.  The app also helps you edit two images simultaneously, helping you save time and also giving you the advantage of editing pictures faster than before. While the pictures are being saved, it will save both the original picture along with the edited version of the picture, so that you are able to see your handiwork and still have access to the original.



Compatibility with Other Applications

Google being the go to place for everything under the sky, it helps in syncing Picasa with almost every other application developed by Google. This is a huge advantage actually as you can easily share the images through Google+ or gmail or drive.

Compatibility with Software and Devices

Picasa can be used with Windows, Android and IOS Apple devices without any trouble.  

Benefits of Using Picasa

As the world is moving fast and time is a huge factor in life, Picasa cuts short the time required to edit upload and share an image. Picasa acts as a one man army, by helping you edit the pictures at hand, save it on an online portal and also be able to share it with family and friends with great ease. The edited photos might not be as great as the ones done on a professional app but honestly considering that Picasa is free, the editing results are actually quite top notch.

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