Why You Should be Using a VPN

These days, many people use VPN services when browsing the Internet. A virtual private tunnel is a way to transfer data in the encrypted form between computers. This prevents all potential risks associated with hacking and leakage of your sensitive information. In this context, the term “VPN” refers to a service that allows your computer (any device) to communicate with any websites through a server that makes your traffic anonymous and protected. But what functions do most VPN service providers perform?



  • A VPN is a protection against cyberattacks, which may happen in open and poorly secured WiFi networks. In such a way, third parties can steal your banking information and passwords.
  • A VPN lets you hide your real IP address from the services you use and the sites you visit. Such a “protection” will eliminate intrusive targeted advertising. You just need to visit List and review of the best free VPNs and select any of the proposed options.
  • A VPN also reduces the chances of your computer being infected by viruses and other malware.
  • A VPN allows you to go to any websites on the Internet, regardless of any bans and restrictions.

How to Select a VPN Service?

When choosing a VPN service to purchase, it is necessary to consider several factors not to back the wrong horse.

  • Servers matter – the first thing to check is the number and location of servers the company owns. We strongly advise you to put above those VPNs, whose servers are located in Europe and the USA.
  • Encryption matters – choose a company that uses advanced encryption technologies.
  • Account restrictions – many companies allow one user to have multiple accounts accessible from both iOS and Android. In other words, you can safely protect your internet connection in a laptop and smartphone in one go.



There are plenty of free VPN services by Bestvpnrating. Although you seem to save a lot when using a free VPN, it is in fact not so. The services that are free of charge have fewer settings, provide a lower level of security, and try to make money on advertising or something else. But in any case, it is better to use a VPN than to risk your safety. Using a VPN, you do not have to worry that someone will see your private information, read your online correspondence, see the websites you visit, and reveal your passwords. These security breaches are simply impossible with a virtual private tunnel.

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