10 Awesome Kid’s Room Murals

We all love our kids, but do you love them enough to do a floor to ceiling mural of their favorite movies? I guess the better question might be, do you own your home and are you willing to dedicate hours of your time or hundreds of dollars to making your little one’s bedroom a paradise of all of their favorite things?

These insane wall murals were painted for kids and teens of a variety of ages, some by their parents and some by some incredibly talented artists. Take a peek:

#1 Winnie the Pooh by A & P Painting Murals

Perfect for your toddler or infant, this adorable mini mural was painted by Perth, Australia-based company A&P Painting Murals.

#2 Under The Sea Graffiti by Brendan Armstrong

This cool mural would be perfect for the pre-teen who wants to grow up to be a marine biologist or a sailor! Painted by the ever so talented Brendan Armstrong.

#3 Dalmations & Princesses by Sacred Art Murals

This mural was painted for a young adult who wanted a getaway space. The princesses are so amazingly detailed, especially without a complicated background! Painted by UK-based artist Neil at Sacred Art Murals.

#4 Superheroes by Leslie Michaels

What boy doesn’t want Spiderman and Batman watching over him as he sleeps? This amazing mural was done by Chicago-based artist Leslie Michaels.

#5 Tangled Mural by Jennifer Treece

Michigan-based artist Jennifer Treece painted this mural in her 8-year-old daughter’s room to celebrate their mutual love for Disney and the movie Tangled. The scene almost appears to be jumping off the wall!

#6 Studio Ghibli by Imgur user Steamboy33

One of the few murals we have found that was painted by a parent, not an artist, this apartment mural features some adorable Studio Ghibli characters.

#7 Madagascar Mural by Brendan Armstrong

A seriously underrepresented children’s movie is Madagascar- but this animal lover has the mural of a lifetime from Brendan Armstrong!

#8 Disney Mural by Adam Hargreaves


This amazing mural was painted 100% by hand by a truly devoted and loving father for his young daughter. Adam is currently a grocery store stocker, but hopes that this viral video may skyrocket him into full-time artistry.

#9 Beatles Mural by G. Go Decorative

This brightly colored mural was painted by Denver artist Gary Gomez. It is the perfect happy piece for a young woman who loves her music!

#10 Studio Ghibli & Disney by Imgur user Steamboy33

Painted by the same talented dad as before, this Disney/Pixar/Studio Ghibli mashup is every child’s dream bedroom!


Hopefully these murals left you inspired to create or purchase some beautiful art for your child’s room!

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