The Best of Memoliton: The Top Posts of 2016

After a year of crazy politics and depressingly untimely celebrity deaths, 2016 is finally over and we get to ring in 2017! Before we completely let go of the past though, lets take a peek at the most popular posts of this year.

#10 Strange Remains Discovered in a London Basement

If you love all things creepy and macabre, you will love what the Merrylin Cryptid Museum has to offer. Bones and remains of creatures that make no logical sense all encapsulated in time, from the basement of a fringe zoologist in the 1960s.

#9 13 Unexplained Photos

There are many unexplained mysteries in this world, and this photo series has captured just a few of them. These pictures have never been adequately explained. Take a look for yourself!

#8 Viral Math Question

This youtube video delineating a math problem went viral in Japan in April, after thousands got the incorrect answer. Can you get it right?

#7 Why Dehydration is Making You Fat and Sick

Most of us know that our bodies are made up of water and we need to drink it to stay healthy- but do you know how much you need to drink every day? And does it have to be just water? What about sodas, tea, or coffee? Take a peek at this clever infographic for the answers.

#6 Some of the Most Bizarre X-Rays

We have all read the posts from ER docs and X-Ray techs telling us all the crazy things that have come through their hallways. We don’t often get to see that craziness for ourselves-so take a peek at these totally insane X-rays!

#5 Who are the Smartest People on Earth?

Have you ever wondered how your smarts stacked up next to somebody from Italy, Cambodia, Russia, or Chile? Now you can check where you fall on a global scale with these IQ maps from researchers in Europe.

#4 Which Dictator Killed the Most?

We hear all about the great and terrible leaders of the world- their greatest hits and their lowest moments. But when it comes to the worst of the worst, the most terrible leaders ever to sit on their respective thrones, who was truly the worst?

#3 Try to Pronounce this Crazy Poem

The English language is full of discrepancies, irregularities, and spelling issues. So many words with the same spelling have different pronunciations, and words with different spellings have the same pronunciation! Dutch writer Gerard Trenite has composed a poem with over 800 of these discrepancies- see if you can say them all!

#2 Funniest Last Words of Famous People

Everybody dies, but not everyone goes out in a blaze of glory or peacefully in their sleep. These celebrities from throughout the ages had their final words emblazoned into history for their unique wit.

#1 See Someone’s Soul Through Their Eyes

We have all made eye contact before- whether in private conversation or across the room at a stranger you may never meet. Sometimes when your eyes meet it is a piercing connection and you feel all at once vulnerable and yet so close to that person. Some psychology now suggests that your eyes may be the window to seeing a person’s true self- their soul.

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