The Future Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

Last year, photographer and journalist Asher Svidensky travelled to Mongolia to document the Kazakh Eagle Hunters that lived in the western region of Mongolia.

Svidensky spent days with the eagle hunters’ families, learning about their way of life and how future generations will preserve the ancient tradition. The photos and story went viral and have been published in publications around the world. Svidensky was praised not only for his incredible photography but the storytelling and insights he shared.

eagle-hunters-of-mongolia-by-asher-svidensky-1 eagle-hunters-of-mongolia-by-asher-svidensky-2 eagle-hunters-of-mongolia-by-asher-svidensky-3 eagle-hunters-of-mongolia-by-asher-svidensky-8 eagle-hunters-of-mongolia-by-asher-svidensky-9 eagle-hunters-of-mongolia-by-asher-svidensky-4 eagle-hunters-of-mongolia-by-asher-svidensky-6 eagle-hunters-of-mongolia-by-asher-svidensky-5

We caught up with Svidensky to learn more about the project and the art of storytelling in the digital age. You can find our interview below along with excerpts from Svidensky’s story on the Eagle Hunters of Mongolia.

All of the incredible photos in the story below are available as various sized prints, which you can order directly through Asher’s online store. Be sure to check out his website for more amazing stories and images from around the world.

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