Extreme Helicopter Golf

Nestled 4,500 feet up in the breathtaking southern Alps of New Zealand is an unforgettable par 3 golf experience overlooking Queenstown. Accessible only by helicopter, the hole features four different tee boxes located at varying distances and heights from the green.

Extreme camping hundreds of feet off the ground
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Extreme highlining

The Over the Top Golf experience is operated by the Over The Top helicopter company in association with the Golf Warehouse. 100% biodegradable, eco golf balls made from wood are recommended. These balls will float in water and can be reused, or will naturally degrade in 3-6 months.

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Specific site plans and resource consents took over a year to complete with helicopters ferrying earth moving equipment, men, sand and turf across Lake Wakatipu. Ecologists and conservation people were also flown to ensure that the pristine environment remained intact. [source]

par-3-in-the-sky-helicopter-golf-queenstown-new-zealand-12 par-3-in-the-sky-helicopter-golf-queenstown-new-zealand-8 par-3-in-the-sky-helicopter-golf-queenstown-new-zealand-7 par-3-in-the-sky-helicopter-golf-queenstown-new-zealand-6 par-3-in-the-sky-helicopter-golf-queenstown-new-zealand-5  par-3-in-the-sky-helicopter-golf-queenstown-new-zealand-11

For more pricing, bookings and additional information visit the official website at overthetopgolf.co.nz

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