Useful Survival Tricks You Should Know Just In Case

Disaster, unpredictable situation or the end of the world can strike at anytime, will you be ready when it does?

When it comes to survival tips and techniques, the more you know, the better. While you can’t possibly prepare for every single thing that is out there, you can try your best to be as aware of many of them as you can.

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Non-Electric Refrigerator


What you’ll need:
– Sand
– Small & Large Pot
– Washcloth

1. Place the smaller pot inside the larger pot.
2. Fill the space between the two pots with wet sand and cover the top with a wet washcloth.
3. As the water evaporates from the sand, it pulls the heat out with it, cooling the inner pot.
4. Place the food inside the small pot.

Toilet Paper Heater


What you’ll need:
– Coffee Can
– Toilet Paper Roll
– Rubbing Alcohol

1. Knead the toilet paper roll enough to loosen the cardboard tube and remove it. Collapse the paper so there is no space in the center.
2. Put the roll in the coffee can and soak with the rubbing alcohol.
3. Light the paper after it has soaked up the alcohol.
4. The paper will turn brown. You can blow out the fire, re-soak and light it again.

Simple Water Purifier

What you’ll need:
– Marble or Pebble
– Large Bowl
– Coffee Mug
– Plastic Shrink-Wrap

1. Set the mug in the middle of the bowl. The mug must not peek past the outer rim of your bowl.
2. Slowly pour the dirty water into the bowl, taking care not to splash any of it inside the mug.
3. Cover the rim of the bowl with plastic wrap.
4. Place this entire setup under the sun then place the small rock in the middle of the wrap just above the mug to create a dip in the wrap.
5. Let Mother Nature do its work with the evaporation and condensation of the water, and soon enough, you will have a mug with clean water inside.

Milk Jug Lamp


What you’ll need:
– Milk Jug
– Flashlight
– Duct Tape

1. Fill the milk jug with water.
2. Use the duct tape to strap the flashlight to the opening of the milk jug.
3. The milk jug will glow like a lamp.

Mint Tin Stove


What you’ll need:
– Mint Tin
– Miracle-Gro Perlite
– Aluminum Screen

1. Take your empty mint tin (Altoids) and fill with the Miracle-Gro.
2. Cut the aluminum screen to fit over the top.
3. A few tablespoons of Miracle-Gro will burn for about 10 minutes and can boil about a quart of water.

Battery Converter


What you’ll need:
– Batteries
– Aluminum Foil

1. Have a device that takes AA batteries but only have AAA’s? Ball up the aluminum foil and place between the batteries and the negative terminal.

Shortening Candle

What you’ll need:
– Vegetable Shortening
– String
– Matches

1. Melt the vegetable shortening.
2. Place the string in the shortening.
3. Once shortening hardens, light your candle.

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