Hilarious Bad English T-Shirts Show Up In Asia

These poor unfortunate people have no idea how offensive, funny and ridiculous their shirts are.  Luckily for us, the results of these translations are totally hilarious.

On the other hand, just think about all those shirts (or tattoos!) with japanese or chinese characters people wear here. There’s a big chance somebody on the other side of the world making fun of them as well.

Chinese character tattoos translated
Collection of the funniest menu translation fails
The best foreign language translations you’ll ever see

english_translations_01 english_translations_02 english_translations_03 english_translations_04 english_translations_05 english_translations_06 english_translations_07 english_translations_08 english_translations_09 english_translations_10 english_translations_11 english_translations_12 english_translations_13 english_translations_14 english_translations_15 english_translations_16 english_translations_17 english_translations_18 english_translations_19 english_translations_20 english_translations_21 english_translations_22 english_translations_23 english_translations_24 english_translations_25 english_translations_26 english_translations_27 english_translations_28 english_translations_29 english_translations_30

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