There’s a Forest in Poland with Crooked Trees and Nobody Knows Why

Photographer Kilian Schoenberger recently visited the so-called ‘Crooked Forest’ in West Pomerania, Poland to see the mysterious grove of trees for himself. As he explains on his project page on Behance:

This pine grove is one of the most unusual forests in Central Europe. The so-called Crooked Forest (Polish: Krzywy Las) is a grove of oddly-shaped pine trees located outside Gryfino, West Pomerania, Poland. The grove was planted around 1930, when its location was still within the German province of Pomerania. It is generally believed that some form of human tool or technique was used to make the trees grow this way, but the method and motive are not currently known.

So there was some space for speculations about witchcraft and energy fields in the obscure parts of the internet. Most probably the trees were cut down above the first side shoot, so this shoot became the new main trunk of the pines. But the specific purpose behind this technique is unknown, too. It has been speculated that the trees may have been deformed to create naturally curved timber for use in furniture or boat building. But the grove is hiding its secrets, since there is no final answer to date.

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The artist from Cologne, Germany is a professional landscape and architecture photographer and he routinely shares his amazing photographs online. Be sure to check out his work at the links below.

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