Meet the Craftsman Who Makes the World’s Most Awesome Globes

Bellerby Globemakers are makers of handmade and custom globes based in London, England. Using only the finest modern as well as traditional materials and their own cartography each globe is individually handpainted making every one unique as well as reflecting current borders.

Peter Bellerby first made a globe as a present for his father’s 80th birthday just five years ago. Now he is crafting a beautiful array of bespoke globes which sell up to £59,000 a time.

Whilst using the beauty of globes made centuries ago as inspiration, Bellerby Globemakers have revolutionised the way globes can be viewed by freeing them from the confines of the axle and meridian allowing fluid movement in any direction with our unique roller bearing design. Established in 2008, Bellerby Globemakers produces fine, handcrafted globes for private and commercial clients worldwide.

Bellerby Globemakers’ website

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