She Prefers Classics… He Is A Comic Fan… They Compromise And Had The Best Wedding Cake Ever

When a comic book buff and his fiancée got married, they decided to treat their guests to a ‘Two-Face’ wedding cake that would satisfy both of lovers.

The couple’s wedding cake looks like a classic white tiered wedding cake at first glance. But a tasty ‘split’ at the back of it really reveals the groom’s love for DC Comics’ Batman and Marvel’s Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man!

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Probably the best wedding photo ever

wedding-cake-marvel-superheroes-dc-comics-tier-by-tier-2 wedding-cake-marvel-superheroes-dc-comics-tier-by-tier-3

Image credits: J. Doran Photography

The cake was made by Tier By Tier, the Milton Keynes-based company. For more information please vitis their website.

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