How the Technology has Changed the Humble Board Game

If you cast your mind back to previous generations, the concept of entertainment was scarcely recognisable in comparison with today’s technology-inspired age. Without a multitude of television channels to choose from and the digital age still but a distant dream, families and friends interacted in more traditional ways that are increasingly alien in 2015.

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As a result, board games were extremely popular during this period. The development of these entities heralded the dawn of table top games, which established gaming patterns that have remained commonplace to this day. The only difference is that these patterns have now been translated into digital formats, and are therefore accessible online.


This has been a steady and gradual evolution, although there have been innovations that have accelerated this process in the last five years. The result of this is that online and mobile gaming experiences are now capable of authentically replicating real-world environments and interactions, creating a seamless blur between the physical and virtual worlds. This trend is prevalent across all forms of gaming, from classic board games to the worlds’ most popular casino titles.

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So how exactly has technology changed the nature of table top games? Primarily, it has captured the intimacy and personal interaction associated with table top and board games, as players compete directly in a warm and familiar environment. It has also used advanced software and hardware to enable remote interaction between players, while also offering more realistic graphics and sound effects. From the development of 4G smartphones to the world’s first virtual reality (VR) headsets (such as Microsoft’s innovative HoloLens), players can now interact in a live, three-dimensional environment that adds authenticity to the whole gaming experience.

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This evolution has changed table top games beyond all recognition, especially popular titles such as roulette, blackjack and poker. These games, which were once exclusive to homes and land-based casinos across the world, are now accessible across a range of websites and mobile platforms.

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