3 Interesting Facts about Energy Efficient and Sustainable Living

While everyone understands the importance of energy efficient living and sustainability, there is less knowledge surrounding the practical application of existing measures. This is a huge issue, as it creates a knowledge gap that is extremely difficult to bridge with dedicated advice. In fact, there are a number of surprising facts and facets about energy efficient living, each of which will help you to take a small but actionable step towards modifying your property for the better.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of these facts and how they should influence your plans.

Solar Power will Generate Higher Savings as Electricity Prices Rise


If you do have the necessary money to invest in solar power and similar measures, you can benefit from huge long-term savings. What you may not know is that there are many variables that effect the ROI of solar power, although the outlook for the next fifteen years in extremely favourable. This is because your savings will increase as electricity prices rise, and tariffs are set to increase by a yearly average of 2.6% between now and 2030. This makes a compelling argument for solar power especially if you have the money to invest in this.

Thermally Lined Curtains Reduce Energy Loss through Windows


Like solar power, double glazing is something that may remain beyond the reach of some household budgets. There is a lower cost alternative that can help to eliminate your emissions and help to maintain a warmer home during the winter months, however, as using thermally lined curtains can help reduce the heat and energy lost from your windows. This is an interesting point to note, as these products can be purchased cheaply for home and décor stores and are extremely easy to install.

Laptops are 85% more Energy Efficient than Desktop Computers


This is a staggering statistic, and one that is likely to surprise even knowledgeable Eco-experts. The fact that laptops are 85% more energy efficient than desktops translates into an estimated saving of £17 per year, although this could be higher depending on your level of usage. By switching these devices and following a similar suit with other gadgets and electrical appliances, you can save huge amounts of your hard-earned money over the course of the typical year.

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