Hottest And Coldest Places On Earth

If you’re on the hunt for a holiday hot spot or somewhere really cool to visit you’ll find plenty to inspire you!

Up and down the country the signs that summer is approaching are everywhere to see: the sun is lingering longer and longer into the night sky, bartenders are serving up Pimm’s by the jug, and people are finally daring to leave their homes without their coats. But however high the thermometers climb this year, the temperatures will pale in comparison to some of the hottest places on earth – from Death Valley, California to the Flaming Mountains of Xinjiang, China there are many destinations that can be described as simply scorching.

If the thought of that is making you sweat, why not take comfort in the knowledge that however cold it might get in the depths of winter, at least you don’t live in Verkhoyansk or Ulaanbaatar, where the freezing point is considered tropical?

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