The Macabre Sculptures Within The Bone Church

If you happen to venture into the Czech Republic’s small suburb of Sedlec, you may stumble upon the Cemetery Church of All Saints. The structure itself looks fairly unassuming, but the outer walls contain some creepy indications of the ghastly findings you are about to encounter inside.

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Receiving over 200,000 tourists a year, the Sedlec Ossuary is one of the Czech Republic’s most popular tourist attractions, reminding us of our obsession with the morbid and macabre.

Tucked beneath the small Roman Catholic chapel is the Sedlec Ossuary, which is an enormous mausoleum estimated to hold the remains of between 40,000 and 70,000 dead people. The vast majority of the deceased met their demise in the 14th and 15th centuries after obviously unsuccessful encounters with the black plague and the Hussite wars.

Around the year 1511, a half-blind monk was given the monumental task of stacking the bones within the chapel to conserve space. By 1870, the bones were being artistically arranged by a Czech woodcarver named Frantisek Rint.

Many places around the world purport being haunted by one sort of spirit or another, but there are few that would have as much cause for supernatural activity as the Sedlec Ossuary does. That being said, the place is not often associated with or generally thought of as being haunted. Thankfully, it seems like the residents of this particular crypt are truly resting in peace.
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