See Cristiano Ronaldo In Japanese Advert For Weird Facial Fitness Device


The facial muscles holds the key to a youth smiling face. According to studies conducted by Tokyo University, the muscles around our mouth area is the most susceptible aging. This weird device helps to tighten the muscles around our entire face.

Mtg has launched PAO  facial fitness. Regardless of age nor place or time, PAO is easy to use and easily applicable. If you are not convinced just look at Cristiano Ronaldo. He has appeared in a commercial for the device. Yet he’s the only person in the ad who refuses to put it in his mouth.

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All you have to do is hold the facial exerciser in your mouth and swing the ends of the bar up and down to tone up your facial muscles. The producer recommends exercises twice a day for thirty seconds.

Come try this new magical PAO and regain our youthful smile.

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