Stunning Modern Home That Change Shape On Button Click

This is home you were dreaming about! Just imagine how it would be nice to sit on the sofa, watching TV and with one button click change the layout of your home instead of the TV channels!

The Sharifi-ha House is a luxurious home in Teheran designed by Iranian architects Nextoffice.

The seven-floor residence boasts an elevator, swimming pool, gym, parking space and the housekeeper’s quarters. But there is nothing special in it. What is more interesting, it also features three semi-mobile rooms that can be rotated with the push of a button in order to provide extra space and bring a lot more daylight into the rooms that are deeper inside the residence.

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The project consisted of four major parts: the fixed volume of the structure, the void, fixed volume and the mobile volume, respectively. When the turning boxes are closed, the building captures sunlight throughout the space of the central void, which also connects the two fixed volumes by suspended bridges. The house adapts to the functional needs of its users.

Source: Nextoffice

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