Amazing 6-Year-Old Kid Rollerskate Under 39 Cars

Gagan Satish is a six-year-old boy who is a roller skater from Bangalore, India. He flattened himself and passed underneath 39 cars, squeezing in a space of seven inches above the ground on his roller skates. Gagan covered the distance in 29.8 seconds and emerged unscathed from the 20 centimetres of space underneath the SUVs.

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This feat has landed Gagan to stake claim for an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The wonder kid, who goes to a primary school, began skating at the age of three, harnessing his extreme flexibility to master and specialise in limbo- skating. Gagan’s father, Rajanna Satish, who runs an washing machine service centre, too was ecstatic over his son’s feat.

According to wikipedia, limbo skating is a sport in which a person drives on roller skates underneath an obstacle like a horizontal pole without touching it. In order to pass an obstacle with a very low height, advanced athletes spread their legs apart, if possible into a full split, and lean their upper body forward, with the face almost touching the ground.

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