How To Avoid Mosquitos This Summer

Ever wonder why some people just can’t avoid mosquitos and others hardly ever get bit? About 1 in 5 people is considered a target to the pesky insect responsible for more deaths than lions, tigers, bears, sharks and dragons combined.

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Don’t breathe, move or sweat this summer and you should be fine. At least you could put those ‘sweet blood’ rumors to rest and go have an icre cream cone… Which will ultimately make you a bigger person anyway. You’re screwed.


Yes, they want your blood, but only females actually. Female mosquitos use human blood to produce fertile eggs and they’re attracted to people with a certain kind of microbe bacteria on their skin. About 1 trillion microbes live on your skin and scientists have deiscovered a certain kind attracts the insect.

More bad news…. They can detect these microbes from up to 50 yards away which means if your a carrier and in a mosquito zone, you should probably leave. Immediately.

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Another key factor in attracting mosquitos is CO2. Yep, breathing, mosquitos are attracted to the release of your breathing cycle and the bigger you are, the more you produce. Another attractive trait they just love is movement and heat, so essentially if you’re a large, active person, running or playing a sport, you’re like a moving barbecue for those little blood suckers.

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