Histagrams: What History Would Look Like If It Was Posted On Instagram (18 pictures)

Although seeing history through photographs is definitely fascinating, it’s also interesting to think about how it might have happened today. What if Isaac Newton had Instagram when he discovered gravity, or if DaVinci posted Instagram teasers while working on the Mona Lisa? This is the idea behind Histagrams, a site created by MTV designers Gusto NYC and Gavin Alaoen that features instagrams posted by some of history’s biggest players.

The made-up instagram posts are a fun and imaginative way to re-imagine history. Seeing historical events unfold (or at least seeing historic figures’ comments on those events) on Instagram might even be a good way for kids to remember historically significant events. Of course, some of them are just plain funny. The Bill Clinton Instagram, where he meets Monika Lewinski and gets an innocuous comment from is especially awkward and hilarious. [via]

For more please visit histagrams.com

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