Dinovember: Bringing Toy Dinosaurs to Life (12 pictures)

In a world where prepping five-year-olds with tablets before school reigns the norm, Refe and Susan Tuma, parents-of-the-year gave their children a sense of tangible wonderment a digital world. Every December the Tuma’s release their inner artist by setting up toy dinosaurs embarking on adventures, making a mess of the kitchen and even having painting class while their children are asleep.

“We wanted to help them see the real world with sense of wonderment.” says Refe a writer and editor in the Kansas City area. “They play with the scenes we’ve created, and it lasts for hours before they get tired.”

Dinovember also helps Parents to be creative and push their own efforts to the limit, because kids these days wise up quickly, so pushing the envelope like spray painting walls or decimating the environments parents teach their kids to keep clean are methods the Tuma’s use to throw off their children’s skeptical speculation. Refe and Susan have encouraged all parents across the board to participate as well, check out their new uploads on Dinovember.

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