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Category: Articles

Five of the Worlds Most Expensive Smartphones

If money was truly no object, what would be your one indulgent purchase? Would it be a sports car, kitted out with an expansive engine and lavish interior? Perhaps you would invest in a large and spacious home, buying your dream home and becoming mortgage free. You may even entertain all of these ideas, as you look to spend your money and enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams. If you are a gadget man however, you may prefer to buy a luxury smartphone or high-end products such as Apple’s new, limited edition Watch. This will enable you to enjoy everything from social media apps to Ladbrokes slots on the most luxurious and visually impressive handset imaginable.

How the Technology has Changed the Humble Board Game

If you cast your mind back to previous generations, the concept of entertainment was scarcely recognisable in comparison with today’s technology-inspired age. Without a multitude of television channels to choose from and the digital age still but a distant dream, families and friends interacted in more traditional ways that are increasingly alien in 2015.

3 Interesting Facts about Energy Efficient and Sustainable Living

While everyone understands the importance of energy efficient living and sustainability, there is less knowledge surrounding the practical application of existing measures. This is a huge issue, as it creates a knowledge gap that is extremely difficult to bridge with dedicated advice. In fact, there are a number of surprising facts and facets about energy efficient living, each of which will help you to take a small but actionable step towards modifying your property for the better.