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Black Energy: Why Is The Universe Accelerating?

Professor Ed Copeland talks about the phenomenon of universe expanding at the accelerated speed. What is the black energy and why Einstein’s theory of general gravity needs to be modified given the newest discoveries? Let’s find out!

Name That Space Rock!

Have you ever had a problem distinguishing between comet, asteroid, meteor and other huge chunks of rocks floating around the universe?

Cities Seen From Space

Marc Khachfe is a London-based animator enhanced the light of major cities at night, creating beautiful, rarely seen views. “I was blown away by the images taken by the astronauts and wanted to print a...

100 Most Epic Pictures Taken By Hubble Telescope (Part 4)

Hubble’s orbit outside the distortion of Earth’s atmosphere allows it to take extremely high-resolution images with almost no light pollution. Hubble’s Deep Field has recorded some of the most detailed visible-light images ever, allowing a deep view into space and time.