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Africa in perspective

People often underestimaete quite how large Africa is, so we figured we’d put it in perspective by transposing as many of the world’s other countries over it as we could.

Photographs of Skinheads by Anthony Karen (18 pictures)

Anthony Karen is a photojournalist based in New York. His passion for photography began in Haiti, where he documented the various Vodou rituals and pilgrimages throughout the country. His project was interrupted when an opportunity to photograph a Ku Klux Klan cross lighting came through. Over the years that followed, Anthony found himself with unrestricted access into America’s most private white separatist organizations.

25 people who should have won The Nobel Peace Prize but didn’t

The Nobel Peace Prize is the most controversial of the five Nobel Prizes—Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Physiology. Not only is this the most coveted; it is also the most significant out of all other awards since this award is awarded to individuals who have done “the best work for the fraternity of nations,” as well as for the eradication of groups and armies that encumber the massive promotion of peace among people of all nations. Ever since Alfred Nobel chose peace as a category for the Noble Prize, it has been subject to several controversies. “He/she-should-have-won” claims have been pervasive, and debates as to who is more deserving to win have been ongoing year after year. So, according to popular opinion, here is a list of the 25 people who should have won the Noble Peace Prize but didn’t.