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Japanese Engineers planning to get POWER from MOON

Japanese Engineers planning to get POWER from MOON.Could our homes soon be powered by the MOON? Engineers plan to ring the lunar equator in solar panels and beam energy back to Earth.Shimizu Construction plans to fit 250-mile-wide belt of solar panels around 6,850 miles of the moon’s surface.Power generated would be sent to Earth using microwaves and laser light.The firm claims it would provide an ‘inexhaustible amount of energy’

Neil Armstrong: A giant among men

I’m sure you’ve all read many tributes and better-written obituaries to this great man, so I’ll just be brief. In my opinion the most impressive thing about Armstrong was his humility. He hated the public spotlight, did very few interviews, was intensely private and always modest.

Stunning Images From Outer Space

There has been much news of late about space. The images we are receiving daily from our outer space vessels seems to be getting better and better. For that reason it seemed appropriate to create a second list of stunning images of space.

What If We Detonated a Nuclear Bomb on the Moon?

The U.S. Air Force considered trying to detonate a nuclear device on the moon during the late 1950s. A physicist who worked on the project said a single explosion would have been “microscopic,” with little impact. But what if the plans had been bigger—do we have enough nuclear weapons to push the moon out of orbit?