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What If We Detonated a Nuclear Bomb on the Moon?

The U.S. Air Force considered trying to detonate a nuclear device on the moon during the late 1950s. A physicist who worked on the project said a single explosion would have been “microscopic,” with little impact. But what if the plans had been bigger—do we have enough nuclear weapons to push the moon out of orbit?

Red Rain in Sri Lanka

Mysterious downpours of red rain were reported in Sri Lanka. During the search for an explanation investigators find evidence of strange living cells.

‘Twin’ solar system discovered

Scientists at the German Space Agency (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und- Raumfahrt or DLR) have discovered the first fully formed solar system outside our own. KOA-351, some 2,500 light years away, has five rocky planets and two gas giants further out, closely mimicking the formation of our own system.

Impressive photos of Antarctica form the early 20th century (16 pictures)

James Francis Hurley was the most famous Australian photographer and adventurer of the first half of the XX century. His career began in the 1910s during an expedition to Antarctica, where he showed himself “a warrior with a camera ready to go anywhere and to make any hardship, just to get a good shot.”

This is a selection of the most popular Antarctica’s photographs by Frank Hurley.