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Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – Strange Maps

It’s no secret that older maps were inaccurate, or completely unreliable. Yet fringe historians believe that some ancient maps are more than error-ridden antiquities. In fact, they think these maps may change history as we know it. Tune in and learn why.

Thousands Of Pages Of UFO Files Released By US Air Force

Thousands of pages of UFO files released by U.S. Air Force, containing world’s strangest UFO cases. The files relate to USAF investigations from 1947-1969, are available now in 130,000 pages of fully searchable archives in the Project Blue Book Collection.

10 Corporations You Shouldn’t Trust

They lie about what they’re selling us, poison our planet, and torture animals all to make a profit. Discover the 10 major corporations you really shouldn’t trust with All Time 10s.