Health Tips: How to Improve Sleep?

You know that you can prolong your life just by getting some sleep. If you sleep less than five hours, the risk of death increases by 12 percent. So it allows you to predict mortality from all causes very accurately. I’m not just talking about the amount of sleep, but the quality of sleep. So in this article we will talk about how to improve the quality of sleep.

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In the Modern World, It Is Very Difficult to Observe Sleep Hygiene

One of the main rules is the exclusion of gadgets, watching TV two hours before bedtime. At the same time, the light in the room should be dimmed all this time. Will you be able to spend every evening like this? Doubtful.

Night Mode on the Phone Will Not Help You Fall Asleep

The bright screen of the gadget prevents you from sleeping. And reducing the brightness of the display is not an option. The ingress of any light on the retina of the eye slows down the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. We sat in front of the screen until nightfall — the hormone will be produced at a minimum, the recovery processes in the brain will not take place in full, which means that sleep will be of poor quality. Have you been on social networks too long? Be prepared to wake up shattered.

“And If I Can’t Do Without Gadgets?”

Then you need to increase melatonin production in all ways — for this, be sure to leave the house during the day. During walks, serotonin is produced in the body from exposure to sunlight, from which melatonin is then obtained. Go out, even if it’s cloudy, you’ll still get your dose of ultraviolet. But looking at the street from the window will not help: the glass does not pass the entire spectrum of ultraviolet light.

Sleeping Longer on Weekends Is Bad

It just seems that you will finish sleeping what was not enough on weekdays. In fact, you are knocking down circadian rhythms. In our brain there are rhythms of wakefulness and sleep, they are set by a special structure in the brain. This is our internal timer: the brain uses it to navigate when it approximately needs to fall asleep. Two hours before that, melatonin production begins. It’s the same with waking up: the brain begins active hormone production about two hours before our usual wake-up time.

As soon as you decide to sleep longer, the brain immediately begins to rebuild. In a couple of days, it enters a new mode, and you again plunge into weekdays with an early rise. The brain does not have time for such “swings”. “Monday is a hard day” is precisely because of this. You seem to have slept for a long time, but there is no cheerfulness, instead of it — fatigue in the morning and fatigue.

Morning or Evening Exercises?

The rules of sleep hygiene can be adapted to modern realities. Transfer physical activity — the gym or even just walking — to the evening. It is desirable that they end two hours before bedtime, so that the adrenaline from the loads does not prevent you from falling asleep.

Do Not Eat before Going to Bed

It is better to finish eating 4 hours before bedtime. If this is not possible, do not eat at least two hours before you go to bed. This time is enough for the digestive tract to do most of the work and not interfere with your sleep.

A Sleep Mask and Earplugs Will Make Your Sleep Better

If you have to sleep in a room where it is light or noisy, these funds will be quite suitable. This is scientifically proven.