How to Save on Baby Formula

Every mother knows that the selection of the baby menu is very responsive. For a baby to grow up healthy and active, its diet must be of high quality and complete. Baby food manufacturers vied with each other in the variety and usefulness of formula, purees, and curds, that fully meet the needs of a growing child’s body in calories and vitamins. Of course, such a diet saves a lot of time and effort for young parents, but it also costs a decent amount. However, following some simple rules for the purchase and storage of formula, you can significantly reduce these expenses without harming the health of a baby.

Promotions, bonuses, and sales

If you regularly monitor different advertisements, you can save a lot on baby formula. For example, ‘the second pack as a gift’, 2+1, or other profitable combinations because manufacturers are always trying to attract the buyer. No matter how attractive the cost is, you cannot buy questionable formula. After all, you can put at risk not only the health but also the life of your little one. Therefore, when purchasing a promotional product, you need to check:

  • expiration dates
  • whether the integrity of the package is broken
  • whether there is a suspicious smell or other signs of staleness and poor quality.

Buying in bulk

You can get a significant discount when buying formula in bulk. In addition, prices tend to rise steadily, and buying more packs or jars can become even more profitable. However, you should not stock up on products with a short shelf life(e.g. cereals without vacuum packaging). For example, if you purchase 12 boxes of Kendamil formula you’ll get 2 extra boxes for free.

Get free samples

When you visit a pediatrician for a routine checkup, you can also get a free sample. Baby formula manufacturers usually leave free samples at healthcare facilities hoping that parents will like their product. It’s a marketing strategy, but infant milk is one of those inevitable expenses that you need to buy regularly, so why not get it for free when possible? In addition, you can receive free samples from formula makers. You just need to request free samples from each of the formula manufacturers to save money.

Buy baby food online

Buying baby formula online is another way to save some money since online shopping can be cheaper than regular shops. Whether you buy it from Amazon or another reliable online shop, you can receive cashback. Besides, you can get free formula coupons by signing up for different rewards programs like newsletters, etc.

Look for coupons on formula boxes

Sometimes, when you buy infant milk, you may receive a coupon for the next purchase. Such promotions can surely help to save money on future purchases. So check the cans or boxes the next time you are at the shop to see if there are any coupons.

Use powdered instead of liquid

There are two types of formula sold on the market: powder and liquid. The liquid formula may work better for your baby, however, it’s twice expensive as powder. Besides, the shelf life of powder type is a bit longer.