Meet the Platforms That are Leading the Sports Betting Revolution

Sports betting used to be a niche thing that was contained to very few areas in the US. Recently, a wave of pro-sports betting legalization has created a new industry that is blooming here in many different states. This new sector has created thousands of jobs already, and brought in immense revenue for the participating states over the last couple years. The sports betting industry certainly looks promising, so let’s review the platforms and sportsbooks that are leading this revolution. 


Bet365 is a globally recognized name in sports betting. If you refer to any Bet365 sportsbook review, you will immediately see that they are top rated and loaded with features. However, they certainly did not get that way overnight — it’s through slowly building their reputation that they became so successful. 

While Bet365 is based in the UK, they are available in many different countries and their customer base extends to 53 million bettors. With over 20 years of experience, they have established a successful platform that has lots of professional features and a long list of sports and types of wagers. 

They also have generous welcome bonuses (like $500 in free bet credits) and weekly promotions for active users. Unfortunately, the sportsbook is currently only available in New Jersey and Colorado if you are a citizen of the US, though they have plans to expand to other states. 


Anyone that enjoys fantasy sports has likely already heard of DraftKings. While there are other sportsbooks in the US that are just branches of foreign companies, DraftKings is a US based company and has been operating here for the last decade. 

As the name implies, DraftKings started off as a platform that catered to fans of fantasy sports with daily and weekly competitions and many features that were aimed at helping you make your perfect team. Since the rise of sports betting in recent years, they have extended their offers to include baseball, basketball, football, MMA, ice hockey and many other popular sports. Their list of wager types is not extensive, but the essentials like moneyline and spread bets are present, with some unique offers depending on the sport.

DraftKings is available in numerous states such as Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey and others. This is a trusted brand that has built their reputation up for the last decade and is state certified and respected. There are many bonuses available here as well, like an exceptionally generous $1,000  sign up bonus for new clients. 

William Hill

The William Hill platform has the distinction of being the largest sportsbook operator in Nevada. Now, their platform has expanded all over the US to states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Colorado, Illinois and more. With decades worth of experience, William Hill understands the sports betting marketplace and has delivered a robust and sleek platform for bettors. 

The online platform is centered around finding your bets fast and to aid in this, they have removed the clutter for a streamlined experience. However, they may be lacking some features that experienced bettors have come to expect. They are also making an effort to list a variety of sports to keep up with the evolving marketplace. New users can expect up to $500 in free bet credits depending on the size of their initial deposit. Where William Hill stands out from the crowd is their reputation and easy to use platform. 


BetMGM is the online branch of the MGM Grand Casino establishment in Las Vegas. As such, you can rest assured that their online platform is backed by the same reputation and security that you can expect with this well-known name. Their platform is centered around both sports betting and online casino games, and they are available in many states. 

The BetMGM sportsbook is well-known for their welcome offers like $600 in free bets, and weekly promos for patrons. Not only that, but they have a very useful mobile app for both Android and Apple. One of the big draws for BetMGM is their wide array of sports to bet on, as well as unique parlay bonuses. Almost all major professional sports are covered here, as well as many niche ones. However, they do not have as many live betting options as some of the other platforms. 




FOX Bet is a newcomer to the sports betting world and is quickly gaining a large fanbase. Interestingly enough, this platform is the product of FOX Sports, the popular sports coverage network. It’s an interesting endeavour, and one that will likely turn out well in the long run. However, for now the platform is just starting out and therefore is lacking in some areas. 

At the current moment, FOX Bet is only available in four states, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Michigan, though they will likely push into new markets in time. They offer a standard $500 risk free bet for new users, and otherwise their offerings are not very competitive. They cover mostly the bigger professional sports and have a usual fee structure. 

One of the biggest selling points of the platform right now is their powerful and sleek mobile app. This was clearly designed with care by skilled mobile app developers, and is much better than some of Fox Bet’s competitors. The overall layout is exceptionally clean and well stylish in a way that is both easy to read and navigate, and yet no space is wasted. It feels just like a smaller version of their web platform, which is what you are looking for. All of the necessary features, like finding your bet and tracking your live wagers, are present and easy to use. 


Bovada is a company that has been around the online gaming scene for a long time. They certainly know what their clients are looking for and they deliver in style. Almost all sports bettors are likely familiar with this company.

While their welcome bonus is usually meager, around $250 in free bets, Bovada excels in several other areas and this is how they stay competitive. They list a way array of sports to wager on as well as betting types. Their withdrawal and deposit options are extensive, with options like Paypal, cryptocurrency, major credit cards and more. 

Bovada is also known for their live betting with more options for in-game play than other sportsbooks. By just creating one account, you also have access to their sportsbook, online poker, casino games, and racing section making this a convenient choice if you enjoy more than just sports betting.